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This book is written on behalf of the kind and cheerful boy Luke. In his story, he will share his daily life. He will talk about his favorite toys and activities, how he communicates with friends and copes with his emotions.

The puzzles depicted on the cover of the book are considered to be the accepted international symbol of autism. This symbol was chosen because a person with ASD closely resembles a person putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

The book is in a thin, soft cover, fastened with a simple paper clip. But it carries a deep social meaning in itself. She delicately lifts the curtain on the world of a child with autism. Through the lens of empathy and solidarity, we and our children will be able to understand, communicate and interact with each other, no matter how different and special we may be.

Talking to your child about autism is extremely important. After all, people with ASD are successful students and workers. Most often, they do not differ at all, just their nervous system works a little differently. They do not understand metaphors and sarcasm, they get hung up on one word or action, everyday situations cause them great stress: a remark from a teacher, a request to give way to a seat in public transport, a loud sound or a bright light.

The problem is relevant not only among children, but also among adults. Only most adults do not know about their disorder, because the diagnosis of autism has only recently begun to be made. But! You need to know your peculiarity, since you can mitigate the symptoms with the right psychotherapy and the support of others. That is why it is extremely important to prepare society to communicate with people with autism.

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