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We are pleased to present to your attention a brave, kind, sweet, exciting book about how wonderfully different we all are! 3+


The pages of the book show scenes from life in which children may feel uncomfortable or even fearful, knowing about their features, whether it be freckles, wearing glasses or even a titanium prosthetic leg. At each turn of the book, the reader gets acquainted with one of the characters, who reveals a particular topic. Now more about the topics themselves:

Spread 1 - Vision and everything connected with it

Spread 2 - Hearing and its absence

Spread 3 - Hair color and lack thereof

Point 4 - Mobility, Injury and Limblessness Matter

Spread 5 - Skin color and features of the skin

Spread 6 - Height and weight and their anomalies

Spread 7 - Allergy and its manifestations

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