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"Toto's milk story"

Breastfeeding, like an invisible thread, connects mother and baby and has a positive effect on their health. It is very important for both the woman and the child to complete this process carefully and painlessly. 
The story about the little squirrel Toto, his family and how he grows will set the mother up for a gentle end of feeding, and the baby will easily recognize himself in the little fairy-tale hero. 
The proposed tale is meditative and therapeutic because: 
psychologically supports not only the child, but also the woman, giving her confidence and giving her peace of mind;
helps the baby see his development and growth, realize his capabilities;
stimulates positive changes in the child’s condition and allows him to model a new way of behavior. 
Recommendations from a specialist, a therapeutic tale with gentle illustrations and the opportunity to create your own “milk story” using photos make the book unique and especially valuable.


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